Strategic Marketing Planning Session & Marketing Action Plan Development Workshop

(½ Day/Full Day)

This is a half day to full day facilitated workshop session with Duane Byrne, Founder and Lead Project Consultant with Unique Communications.

Prior to the session you will provide relevant information and data about your current online and offline marketing activities, what you feel is working or not, your competitors, what you see as your key marketing challenges, what you want to achieve in the short term over 6-12 months as well as what you ware aiming for over the next 3-5 years, your internal staffing resources, your expected budget, etc. We will review all this material and undertake some preliminary research prior to the actual Marketing Strategy Session.

During this session, involving input from the business owner, key management team &/or other relevant staff, we would then review and discuss the key issues arising from the material you have provided and our initial review, suggestions and recommendations. The focus of the Marketing Strategy workshop session will be to have a broadly outlined Marketing Strategy for your business as well as a practical workable Marketing Action Plan by the end of the session.

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