1. Curate a platform for your brand.

It’s more vital now than ever to have an online presence. A website will provide you with a platform to establish and promote your brand online to potential consumers.

Furthermore, integrating your brand new website with social channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter will offer you the opportunity to identify potential leads as well as network with a wider community online.

2. Shape public perception.

By building your own unique website from scratch you’ll curate an opportunity to shape public perception and potential clients’ expectations from day one. You have control and complete ownership over your brand’s identity online and brand tone of voice.

Being consistent with your brand messaging creates credibility, building trust in your expertise.

3. Because content is king.

Content is indeed king. Consumers love information and so the more you do to create a two way street of communicate that’s relevant to your target audience, the better your brand will be for it.

Convert your browsing audience into buying customers by educating them on what you’ve got to offer – your news, your ideas, your products, your services, your R&D – through video content, blog posts, news updates, you name it!

4. Get listed.

You need a website in order to get listed on search engines such as Google & Yahoo! By building a website which incorporates search engine optimisation (SEO), your product and service offerings can be easily identified by consumers searching for relevant and popular key words.

By securing a first page ranking on Google for example, you’re curating more opportunities to drive potential new business wins and online led sales. The top spot on Google search is the holy grail of all businesses.

5. Build a loyal following.

As we’ve already mentioned, promoting your site through various social channels allows you to reach and engage with a large network of relevant audiences. By establishing a website, social presence and integrating the two you’ll find that with the right strategy you’re following and potential new leads with grow.

By leveraging social media to promote your consistent brand identity and service offer to relevant audiences, your following will not just grow in number, but also in terms of customer loyalty.

Strategically assess your skills, capacity and what you can bring to the table when it comes to taking on website design and development, then be willing outsource the rest!