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We help businesses succeed at using Google Ads. We ensure our ads beeline your brands best type of potential customers, bring them onto your website, and encourage them to make a purchase. Our experienced team at Unique Communications ensures every element of the potential customer's journey is optimised to find your brand on Google.

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Most businesses find Google Ads expensive and struggle to make them work, we are here to help! We make the most out of an agreed budget to optimise and increase your sales online.

Our experience allows us to find the right demographic, content, interests and mirror lookalike targeting to introduce your brand to potential customers. We can look after your Google Ads for campaigns at specific times of year or on an ongoing monthly basis. Altering and optimising your campaign every day to make improvements based on your traffic and the performance of your ads and keywords. We believe analysing ad performance and reporting ad data is crucial to the long-term success of your campaign.

Quite simply, if you want a better ROI and more leads and sales from your Google ads, contact us today.

Google Search, Display & Remarketing Ads

Google Search & Display ads offers your business the “right place, right time” opportunity, presenting advertising for your product or service on Google search engine, or partner websites and even while on Gmail or YouTube! With Google Shopping Ads and Google Search Ads, your campaign will appear exactly when your potential client is looking for your product or service. With Google Display Ads, you can attract clients to your website or app when they are watching a YouTube video, browsing through partners’ websites or even using an app. And if you are looking for a Google Remarketing Ad Campaign, all those placements can be explored to retarget people that have already visited your website or watched a video ad but have not yet converted into a lead or purchaser.

Google Shopping Ads Services

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads are one of the best ways to increase e-commerce sales for your business!  Working with Google Merchant Center and Google Ads will allow you to present your products in a visual and engaging way to potential clients – presenting the product image, short description, product price and a link to the specific product page on your website – whenever they are online and at the exact time they are searching for a specific product you are selling on your ecommerce store. 

Get Increased Traffic, Conversions & Sales for Your Online Business

At Unique Communications we have extensive experience helping online retailers, as well as online businesses selling services, courses, etc., to plan and execute successful campaigns across the Google ad formats.  Through careful planning, copy writing, design, target audience and budget setting, we have delivered significant growth in online sales for clients through better targeted ads, increased traffic and leads, increased conversion rates, increased average sale per customer as well as reducing cost per click and cost per conversion.

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more leads and sales from your Google ads.

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