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Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising and Paid Content


Google Adwords


Nowadays, Google is generally the first place people turn to when they are looking to find information on anything… And such is also the case from a business perspective when one looks to find a suitable service provider or product for their company or organisation.


Therefore, achieving a high ranking and being on the first page of Google search results is crucial. Aside from effective SEO, Google Adwords, the most common type of PPC advertising (or pay per click advertising), provides the other main way to get a top ranking on Google search.


With Google Adwords, you are essentially promoting your company’s products or services under a number of key search headings (similar to what you might previously have done under the old Golden Pages listing headings), or what are generally called keywords.


The great thing about Google Adwords is that you are in complete control and can select quite specifically who you want to target and how much you want to spend, and can then adjust the parameters accordingly depending on performance. And you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Google adwords can take the form of standard Google text based ads, or you can also use static or animated images or video ads. These ads are then displayed across the Google display network.

google adwords


At Unique Communications we have many years’ experience in planning and implementing effective Google Adwords campaigns and achieving page 1 rankings on Google for our clients.

We work with you to select the appropriate keywords that your potential clients or customers would search for. We then write and design suitable ad content and for Google text ads and Google display ads, set up appropriate ad groups and help you plan your Google Adwords advertising budget.


Once your Adwords campaign has been launched, we monitor and fine tune the campaign and keywords and, in conjunction with Google analytics, provide you with ongoing reporting, to ensure that you get maximum impact and return on your advertising spend.

Google Remarketing – whereby your ads essentially follow people who have already visited your website or used your mobile app – is becoming an increasingly popular way for companies to target potential customers. Adwords Remarketing uses a special tracking code that places cookies in the computer of people visiting your website and then displays your ad when people with that specific cookie visit other sites on the Google display network.


The idea is that people who have shown an interest in your company or organisation and who have visited your website will see your ad over a specified period of time, that you select, in order to remind them of your business and hopefully re-engage with you and become a customer or client.


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Facebook Advertising


Aside from Google Adwords, Facebook advertising is the next most common type of pay per click advertising.


Facebook ads works by letting you target Facebook users, and you can do this by selecting various profile and demographic information – such as age, gender, country and specific location, user interests, etc.


Our digital marketing and advertising team at Unique Communications have extensive experience in drafting effective content for, and designing, engaging Facebook ads that deliver results.


We can help you with all aspects of your Facebook advertising, from target audience selection; advertising budget management; Facebook ad copywriting and design; selecting the best type of ad to use – whether single image, Facebook carousel ad or Facebook video ad; determining the best times to run your Facebooks ads; and full campaign monitoring and management.


Using Facebook and Google Analytics tracking and monitoring tools, we can then make strategic adjustments to your campaign to boost your overall clicks and conversions and ensure you get the maximum return on your investment and achieve your objectives.

facebook advertising


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Online Advertising – Display Advertising


Online Advertising

Aside from Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising, there a number of other main ways you can buy advertising on the internet.


Most websites sell display advertising based on the number of impressions you will get on their website from their readers or members, and is typically sold on a CPM basis (or cost per thousand unique viewers).


There are a number of main formats of display ads including leaderboads, banner ads, skyscraper ads, rectangle ads and button ads.


Display advertising would be typical of most Irish news, media and community based websites such as IrishTimes.com or Independent.ie, rte.ie or Entertainment.ie etc.


Online Advertising – Paid Content or Native Advertising


A more recent form of online advertising that is being increasingly used today is what is called Native Content or Paid Content.


This is essentially advertorial content, branded content or sponsored content i.e. content that is paid for by the advertiser, and, for the viewer and reader of some websites, the lines between what is editorial content and advertorial content can oftentimes be blurred and not immediately distinguishable as paid content is very often written and presented in the same style and layout as the particular website on which it appears.


Paid content is now a main revenue source for many Irish websites such as thejournal.ie, her.ie, joe.ie, mummypages.ie etc.

Paid Content Native Advertising


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