Communications Audit & Marketing Strategy Development

Est. 4-8 Weeks

We have outlined below the general process involved in a more comprehensive marketing strategy development project that would typically be undertaken over a 4-8 week period. The is meant as a guide and the specific elements, timeframe and costing will vary depending on your specific needs and requirements, the level of competitor and market information you have available internally, etc.

Prior to commencing the Marketing Strategy Development project, we will agree in advance the project parameters and expected outcomes as well as related costing and timeframe.

As the first stage in the process of developing a Marketing Strategy for you we generally undertake a comprehensive Marketing Communications Audit of the current marketing activities of your organisation. We review and assess your current online and offline marketing, advertising, promotional and communications activities and their effectiveness in achieving your key objectives and promoting your organisation among current and potential clients. We also undertake a SWOT Analysis to identify the internal strengths and weaknesses of your business as well as the external opportunities and threats that need to be taken into consideration.

If required and deemed necessary, we can also implement a Customer Market Research Survey among current or potential clients, or both, to assess various factors impacting on the purchase decision making process and their perception of your company’s brand, product &/or services. This research can include a combination of web based, email &/or telephone research and/or in-depth personal interviews or focus groups. Market Research among current and/or potential clients can prove very insightful and beneficial in the overall process of developing an effective Marketing Strategy.

Another research element could include a Target Market Review, which can be undertaken on a local, regional, national or international basis, depending on your company’s existing and planned geographic target markets.

Another element in the process can be a Competitor Comparison. During the Competitor Review, and in consultation with you, we identify your key online and offline competitors based on your own knowledge and experience as well as using relevant keywords to see which potential competitors are appearing on Google search, and their ranking compared to you. We then review your competitors assessing marketing elements such as online presence, website, digital marketing and online advertising, offline advertising and promotion, etc. to identify any opportunities or aspects for improvement to be incorporated into your own overall Marketing Strategy & Marketing Action Plan.

Marketing Strategy and Action Plan Development

Once the overall Communications Audit and Marketing Review is completed, we then prepare a half day or full day Marketing Strategy & Action Plan Development workshop.

During this strategic planning workshop, involving input from the business owner, key management team &/or other relevant staff, we would then present and facilitate discussion around the key themes and issues arising from the Communications Audit and Marketing Review.

The focus of the Marketing Strategy workshop session will be to have a broadly outlined Marketing Strategy for your business as well as a practical workable Marketing Action Plan by the end of the session.

Combining our marketing expertise with your vision we will help identify the most appropriate communications channels and marketing tools – incorporating elements such as website, SEO, email marketing, telesales, field sales, Google search and social media advertising, online PR and promotions, influencer marketing, direct mail, traditional and ambient advertising, digital and online marketing, sponsorship, sales promotions, trade promotion, etc. – for reaching your target audiences. Crucially, we can also help you plan and schedule your marketing and advertising spend across the various options so as to help you get the best value and results for your available budget.

We work closely with you to develop an overall Marketing Communications Strategy and Action Plan outlining the various media being used and the associated costings, implementation schedule and target results and to help you achieve your marketing and business goals.

Marketing Strategy Implementation

Depending on your internal resources, you and your team can then implement your marketing strategy yourselves. Or you can work with Duane Byrne as a Marketing Coach/Consultant meeting on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis to help guide everything. And the marketing team at Unique Communications can assist your internal marketing team with any aspects of implementation as necessary.

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